Currently we are present in Chennai and our focus is in Chennai.

We are a leading salon aggregator platform, focusing on customer convenience in identifying the salon based on brands, discount offers, ratings near their location and book appointments online.

The main objective is to ensure the customers get their preferred brand at best discount with good quality for their beauty needs.

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Customer is looking to identify the salon based on their location, preferred brand, better discount and good quality beauty services. Our Pretty App just does that.

The App, provides the users all the salons based on their current location or new location. It lists down all the brands partnered with us. It also displays discounts offered at each salon level to give a visibility on their.


Partners are having challenges in Appointment Management, Capacity Utilization, Customer Lifecycle management and offer management.

Apart from providing the Pretty App to customers, our solution includes , Manager Dashboard and Partner Dashboard which seamlessly gives the visibility on all the above mentioned challenges.

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